Custom Fabrication


We work with our customers to develop optimum and cost-effective cooling solutions according to their wishes and to meet their needs. Creativity and the associated innovativeness are driving forces that lead us to successful developments time and time again. Customer requirements always take centre stage for us. The can dispenser refrigerators GCAP100 and GCAP50, which caused a sensation on the international markets with their extraordinary design and unique transport mechanism, constitute an example. Gastro-Cool had the “invention” of the can dispenser refrigerators patented.

Specialised Bag-in-Box refrigerators based on the trend in favour of environmentally friendly Bag-in-Box packaging are exemplary of our innovativeness as well. Gastro-Cool is one of the first companies to successfully develop a cooling unit for the market that can be used as a refrigerator and dispensing system for Bag-in-Box packaging in one, making day-to-day business easier. As products are increasingly being packaged in Bag-in-Box containers, Gastro-Cool has expanded its product line with additional Bag-in-Box dispensers, among others for juice and milk.

Gastro-Cool does not base its developments exclusively on the market, but also offers customized special solutions for its customers or develops them exclusively. What can we offer you? We are happy to advise you. Please contact us.

We are looking forward to meeting you, to your ideas and joint implementation.